Published Papers

The Efficiency of Local Government: The Role of Privatization and Public Sector Unions (with Matthew E. Kahn & Shanjun Li) Journal of Public Economics (2017), 154: 95-121

          Selected media coverage: Forbes

Local Public Finance Dynamics & Hurricane Shocks (with Matthew E. Kahn & Gary C. Lin)  Journal of Urban Economics (2023), vol. 134

         Selected media coverage: Inequalitalks podcast   NBER Digest   MARKETPLACE

Working Papers

The Local Benefits of Federal Mandates: Evidence from the Clean Water Act   – revisions requested at the Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists

Road Rationing Policies & Housing Markets (with Panle Barwick, Shanjun Li, & Jing Wu) – revisions requested at the Journal of Urban Economics

The Long-Run Effects of Temporary Protection from Deportation  (with Jorgen Harris) – in submission

         Center for Growth and Opportunity Working Paper (March 2023)

Selected Works in Progress

Information, Technology, & Public Transit Use (with Andrea LaNauze) – slides and draft available upon request

Urban Surface Water Pollution & Health (with Carlos Hurtado)

Electrical Blackouts & Crime (with Viviane Sanfelice)

Local Legacies of the Civilian Conservation Corps (with John Bryon Meyer)